We had a very important lesson about brushing our teeth. Our visitor brought in 5 eggs with her and explained that an egg shell is very similar to our teeth. 1 of the eggs was normal and had no marks on it at all. The other 4 eggs had been left to soak in different liquids for a whole day. 1 egg was in milk, 1 in orange juice, 1 in fizzy pop and 1 in vinegar.

We found that the milk egg had hardly no marks on it, meaning milk is very good for our teeth. But the orange juice and fizzy pop left lots of marks on the egg and made them a very dark colour. The vinegar egg was very squishy and looked like a bouncy ball.

Working with a partner we used a tooth brush and tooth paste to clean our eggs. We found that we had to brush quite hard to make all of the marks come off the egg. Just like we should brush our teeth!

We then used mega blocks with little bits of play dough, to represent the food stuck in our teeth, and string to have a go at flossing.

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