We designed, planned and made our own healthy meal (salad) which contained ingredients from all of the food groups (with the exception of carbohydrates).

We generated

  1. I enjoyed being in groups and sharing ideas with them. my group was really supportive. i have learned that you can mix unusual fruits and vegetables into salads and it makes it very creative and yummy.
    i enjoyed setting out the preparation and making it look nice.

  2. this was fun to do, i enjoyed making my own salad with celeriac and shrimp etc.

  3. Ellie, Jessica, Rebecca, Harry and Grace
    It was really fun working in teams. We worked together to create a salad and we all had a role in making it. I particularly liked when we added the dressing as it was my favorite part of the salad. We took it in turns and had no arguments. This was a great experience and I enjoyed working to make our salad, called the crunchy munch.

  4. Wow! Yesterday was so fun and I really enjoyed all of it. We learned so much and had a great laugh. We learned all about team work and how to work well together and also which foods we should pair together and getting that right variety of foods. We had to make sure it was a balanced meal by using fruit and veg,leaves,protein and a dressing to give it some flavor.

  5. I would llike to thank Miss Carrahar for a lovely day I speek for all the children that we all really enjoyed the day and would love to do it again soon.

  6. We learned how to work as a team to make our own salad and we were safe with the knives and the food processor which had a blade like a grater for bits of cabbage and celeriac

  7. I really enjoyed making my salad yesterday. It was a great experience for me to try different types of foods that I had never tried before. My favorite part of the day was making my own salad for my mam because it gave me a chance to investigate the different types of foods that could be put in a salad. It was a big challenge for me to make the salad for my mam because she is not allowed to eat certain foods since she is ‘Gluten-Free’. I now know that it is essential that you keep safe while handling knives and sharp objects that you need to use when you make a salad. I am very glad that Miss Carrahar and Mrs Fenwick have put their trust in me and my friends so that we can handle sharp utensils to make a delicious, tasty salad. Every ones salads looked very nice and they looked like they had put a lot of effort into making their salads perfect. I have learned that wearing an apron is a very important part of the salad making. This is because aprons stop the germs off our clothes from spreading onto the food we eat. I also have learned that washing your hands is essential. We do this because we also do not want the germs off our hands to touch the food. If you don’t wash your hands before you cook or bake, people who eat the food you made may end up poorly.

  8. Salad in the park
    Your combinations were amazing it went together like two peas in a pod. The colors looked so natural just like something you would eat in a park.

  9. We all had a taste of our meals after presenting them to the teacher and we were all very proud of our selves. I think that my team and I were very surprised because it turned out so well.We used our utensils like our chopping board , apron and bowls during the challenge which helped us out lot since we had to present it in the very best way possible.

  10. I loved how we got to learn how to prepare the vegetables on our own , we also learnt safety is key when you are making something, to be safe we wore pinnies to stop the germs from going into the salad and we washed our hands before we started, we made sure that we were holding the knife and fruit or vegetables properly so the knife would not make contact with our hands.

  11. On our cooking day we learned how to us utensils properly and how to combine the right type of ingredients. I enjoyed working as a group, helping each other and trying out new things.

  12. we all wore aprons for hygiene matters, we also had to bring a chopping board and a bowl to eat out of

  13. Yesterday I learned a lot and at the same time enjoyed myself. I enjoyed having free choice on what I should put in my salad. The teachers trusted us in using sharp knives and other dangerous utensils. We all wore aprons to keep the germs from our clothes out of the salad. All of the teams worked really well together and agreed what food they should use in there salad. We followed the instructions to our plan including washing all the food first before adding it into our meal. I liked expermenting with diffrent foods to see what food went well together. I tried diffrent foods that I had never tried before like black rice and it tasted a bit nutty. There was lots of diffrent types of food like proteins, veg, fruit and lots more.

  14. This was a very fun experience for cooking food as a team but there wasn’t as much choice for it because everyone had to agree on what we were going to have but in end everyone agreed in each group and started to make them. It was very fun but we had to make sure that we were safe we had to where a apron to make sure we didn’t get any dirt or germs on the food and we had to be very careful with the knifes so we didn’t cut anyone with them and grating carrots and cheese to make sure we didn’t hurt ourselves.

  15. This was an amazing experience to work together, all of the people in the team got allocated jobs for them to do and when they had done it they added it to the bowl in a neat and orderly way and we learned how to use lots of different utensils and we learned how to use them all safely, also we had to wear a apron for the germs on our polo – shirts and to make sure our clothes did not get dirty. It was GREAT day!!!!!!!!!

  16. This part of the day needed a lot of teamwork to present our balanced meals to the judge (Miss Carrahar) to try and get the best possible score. We all had to be sensible when passing the sharp objects to each other e.g. knifes, graters, peelers etc.. In my groups we assigned ourselves our own tasks e.g. grating the carrots, cutting the leaves etc. as to make our salad quicker than we would if we all did one thing. Our team captain was Jessica who approved of our tasks and amounts of ingredients and was taught by my group and Miss Carrahar how to make a dressing and what its for (making your salad shiny and to add favour to the salad.

  17. On our cooking day I enjoyed designing and drawing what we thought our salad was going to look like, but we soon discovered that what drew looked nothing like what we actually made. We learned how to peel, cut and grate in the right way.

  18. Yesterday was very fun as we tried to cook salads for our mams and dads. We had a choice of different proteins like chicken,ham, seafood and cheese.I tried a very strange looking vegetable called a celeriac but it just tasted like celery. We had a few fruits like pomegranate and tomatoes to give our salad a splash of a brighter look.We learned a simple recipe for making a dressing which was three table spoons of oil and one table spoon of vinegar .To change the dressing we had a choice of adding a little bit of garlic or chili oil or even some mayonnaise.
    We learned a lot yesterday!

  19. All the food looks very nice and I hoped everybody enjoyed making it, eating it and learning how to do things while we made it. I learned how to make a dressing with two tea spoons of oil and one of vinegar and then adding whatever else you want.

  20. During yesterdays I lesson learned how to chop onions proply, peel carrots, use a blender and make a salad. I learned how to make a salad dressing that tops of the salad and gives is a shine. The dressing gives the salad a nice flavour.

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