Wow! What an adventure our Lego Team, St. Grego?s Lego, have been on. They have flown down to Bristol to compete in the First Lego League Final, not only representing our school, but representing the whole of South Tyneside!

They have put months of hard work, research, programming and presenting into action as a team. Showing the judges just how amazing they all are as individuals as well as a member of the team. They have made myself and Mr Baharie proud to be their coaches.

Here?s just a small selection of the photos of their adventure.


  1. I couldn?t be prouder of the team. They have worked so hard and came so far. At times it was really tough going, but they all gave it their best throughout their time in Bristol.
    Thank you so much for everything, you all really did shine like the stars you are.
    An excellent team effort. Well done St. Grego?s Lego

  2. Miss Carrahar

    Well done team- you did yourselves, your coaches and the school proud. Looks like you had a fantastic time! It is an experience that I?m sure you will never forget. All of your hard work has been rewarded. A huge thanks to Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Baharie for all of the coaching, support and encouragement they have given you and for giving up their time to provide you all which such an amazing opportunity to shine.

  3. Joseph Corner

    I cant believe that the lego team went to Bristol once again! i am so proud of them i hope all of you had a brilliant weekend abroad. i wish i had come and looked at the hotel and i have already seen you on TV in school on the whiteboard in ICT and it looked really good.



  4. Well done LEGO Team! As a team you have all made Year Six a very proud class. We are all so glad that you made it all the way to Bristol for the competition. Even though there was very low chances of winning for you were competing against 9-16 year olds, you put so much effort and hard work into winning! Once again, Well Done LEGO League.

  5. well done Lego team you did a really good job at the competition since there was people that were 16 there i think you did a good job

  6. Imogen Robinson

    My favorite part of Bristol was flying in. Thank you miss Thompson for making it possible.

  7. WOW it all looks so amazing keep up the good work it looks like you had a great time.

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