1. I like the different concoctions in these salads. I learnt how to make a dressing yesterday and i enjoyed how the teachers trusted us and let us get on.

  2. i found making a salad really fun and i think we all learned something new

  3. LAYLA i really like your salad and how it is set out and i also learnt to make a salad and how to hold a knife.

  4. Erin Milner

    Lilia’s salad
    I really like how neat it is and how you have lots of different food groups in your salad. I hope your mum enjoys eating it!

  5. I like Lilia’s salad because it is very neat and it reminds me when I was making my salad. I had really fun making my salad because I learned something new and I could put in what ever I wanted.

  6. i hope you all had a good day and all of your salads look amazing

  7. I really enjoyed making salads. I learned that cucumber was a fruit not a vegetable and I learned what was in a dressing. All of the salads looked delicious. Well done!

  8. HARRY your dish looks nice and tasty with all that delicious food in.

  9. I think everybody’s salads looked really good and set out and neat and i learnt to make it look like that too.

  10. i enjoyed making the salads in our groups and i loved how the teachers trusted us to use a knife by our selves to cut the food up , i also loved how big the selection of food was to pick out of for our salads.

  11. Gracie Benson

    This was a very fun and creative day and we had full responsibility over the ingredients. Graces photo: I remember when we were working next to each other and talking about who we were going to give it to. Also we were talking about the plan. Kobe’s photo: Kobe and I shared the celeriac and disused how it looked strange however it tasted delicious when we tasted it and how it looked like cabbage when it was grated.

  12. Erin Milner

    I really enjoyed making a salad. I learned about the safety of knives and how to peel carrots the right way

  13. Lilia’s photograph I like Lilia’s photograph because it shows you lots of different colors in the salad and that a salad can be made up of lots of different kinds of foods. I love how she has also put some protein in as well. I learned that you have to use lots of different tools to make your salad which I found really fun. I also liked how I was being trusted to use sharp objects safely. I especial liked the way we didn’t just have one different kind of food you had put in and that you had a range of different foods. I liked the way the way the teachers just let us get along with our own salads but I did like how they also give us some advice along the way. One of my favorite parts of the day was having to clean up after. I learned that cleaning up was fun after all. What I loved about making the salad was that it wasn’t plain and that you got to put some dressings on to give it a bit of flavor.

  14. LILIA that dish is nicely presented what kinds of foods are in the dish and did you make a dressing for your salad.

  15. Ellie young

    I really enjoyed that lesson because it seamed very interesting, I learned how to use a knife very carefully.We all worked in groups together for the first salad. I really liked the way that everyone set there salads out differently. I learned that before i didn’t want to try the salad but after i tasted it, i started to really enjoy it.
    i Think i learned a lot that day, and some people to We all worked very hard.

  16. I learnt yesterday how to hold a knife properly and the teachers told us to cut away from our self and Kobe cut towards him self and he cut his finger.

  17. JOSH that dish looks tasty and there is some unusual vegetables and proteins in the dish but it probably tastes nice i wonder what is in there.

  18. Erin Milner

    Rosie’s salad
    I really like the way that you have seafood sticks in there. I have some to. There very nice to have in a seafood salad.

  19. We worked together to make a healthy salad but it took a lot of teamwork to make a good one. We also worked interdependently to make our own salad and i learnt lots of things about how to make a good and healthy salad.

  20. I really enjoyed making the salads the thing I really enjoyed was when I could make my own because I could use what ever I wanted and I would not have to worry if someone did not like it because in the first round other people had to like it but in this round I could make it my own. Also I really enjoyed the fact that you could use all of the utensils by your self and the teacher would not have to help you. Also I really liked Erin’s salad because it reminded me when I was using different tips of food that I never thought that I would like. Also I learned new things like cucumbers are a fruit because they have seeds in and that means that any food with a seed in is a fruit.

  21. I really enjoyed masking the salad with the full class it was a lot of fun and the teachers just had trust in us so we could just get on.

  22. i liked how we got to try new foods what we had never tried before and we learned how to make things like dressings and salad . we used foods from different food groups like proteins fruits and vegetables.

  23. Joseph Corner

    The first photo of Daniel Craig his salad started really small then he made it become big when he finished. Jamie done very well and he had many salads in his food. Joshua had many white salads in his food. Same with Ethan done very well in his salads yesterday. Layla had some olives in her food she done very well. Lilia had a nice pattern in her food yesterday very good. Daniel Chapman had a lot of leaves in his food. what i had learned was how to handle sharp knives gently without cutting myself. i learned what goes together and what doesn’t. I learned we had to clean benches/tables/chopping boards just in case there was bacterial on them so Mrs Fenwick cleaned all the tables with anti-bacterial spray. All of us done very well and all of our class worked as a group in the morning we made salad.

  24. When I was making my dish I knew that I needed to cut away from me when I was cutting up my vegetables so I wouldn’t cut my self and I didn’t cut my self this time.

  25. Erin Milner

    I enjoyed learning about new foods and the teachers trusting us to use sharp utensils to grate,cut and to peel.

  26. I tasted a range of different foods that i have not tried in a salad or not even tried in a salad before it was fun trying different things.

  27. I learned how to hold a knife properly, i tried different fruits and vegetables like cress and avocado, and also tried different things in different meals.While i was making my own salad i liked having free choice and picking things that would go nice in it.

  28. When miss Carrahar was telling us about how to make a dressing she said you make a dressing to make your salad shine.

  29. I liked Graces photograph because her salad is so colorful and is made up of lots of different foods. I liked working in groups because it gave us time to discuss what salad we should make, what it should be called and what food should be in I liked lots of food that was being said and the changes we talked about. Surprisingly I found out that a cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable and all this time I thought that it was a vegetable. I also found out that you need a base when you are making a salad but before I just thought that you just put in lots of vegetables and that was it. I knew that you could make a fruit salad but I didn’t know that you could put in fruit and vegetables in the same bowl to make a salad.

  30. After we made the salad we all tided up and cleaned all of our own mess and it was actually quite fun.

  31. Ellie young

    In the second salad we made, we worked by ourselves. We made our own dishes and on one table there were foods of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, root veg (beets) and leaves. We had to pick ingredients to make our own salad. We used different utensils for our ingredients, we sometimes used a grater and a very sharp knife. and a potato peeler.

  32. I learned what was in a salad and that putting fruits in it makes it taste better.

  33. Erin Milner

    I enjoyed making a dressing with olive oil and chili and mustard it was very nice.

  34. Miss Carrahar said to us to be careful when we were using the utensils especially when were using the knives.

  35. I learned what was in a salad, and that putting fruits in it makes it taste better.I enjoyed cleaning the dishes and cleaning up after myself.

  36. I looked at our team salad and i didn’t think we were going to like it but it was better than i thought.

  37. I like how you got to try lots of new foods that you haven’t tried before they were a unusual foods but especially the proteins the proteins were mostly sea food which I love and it was really fun to try.

  38. I tried celeriac and i didn’t fancy it at first when i saw it but when i tried it was lovely.

  39. When I was making my salad with my group I tried a prawn and it tasted nice.

  40. I learned that cucumber and tomatoes are fruits and some other vegetables are really fruit.

  41. i enjoyed using a variety of ingredients including celeriac which i didn’t even know exists

  42. i learned that to make healthy meal you need to include leaves, protein, veg and fruit

  43. lewis
    I like how you have chose so many diffrent things in your salad. Also how you would put random things in and you were some of a few people who would try them.
    Well done 🙂 that looks tasty!

  44. This was a very fun day ! We tried lots of different foods and even some new ones. It helped us work as a team and we all had a part to help out with. The most fun thing we did, in my opinion was the Left Over Challenge were we got to make a salad and put anything we liked into it. I loved doing this and I hope that we can do it a lot more in the future.

  45. This was so fun and i enjoyed how the teachers put their trust in us to use sharp objects like knifes.When we worked in groups i didn’t want prawns but i tried it and i actually liked it. i learned how to peel and dice foods.This was a very balanced meal because we used some protein some vegetables,fruit,leaves and we also put a dressing on to add a little bit of flavor and taste but also to make it shine.

  46. Freya
    Your salad reminds me of a how we could invent our own unique completely different salads. It reminds me of a meal you would eat while enjoying the view of a park. It looks like it is a balanced meal with some protein, vegetables, fruit and a dressing. I learned that all salads can come in all different shapes and sizes and also each have a completely different taste.

    Well done.

  47. Lily Bushell

    This was a very fun day for all of us and everyone really enjoyed it ,we learnt a lot about how to work as a team and how to be safe while using utensils. I learnt that it is nice to a have a lovely variety of healthy foods and how well they can go together. I loved to experiment with the salad and see what would work well together and it was great how our teachers trusted us to make and prepare the vegetables and fruit on our own and use the sharp knives with out help which was really good.

  48. Yesterday we designed and created our very own salad.We learned lots of different ways to cut and chop safely and using graters correctly. My first salad’s protein was duck but I did not really like it although the rest of the dish was nice.We worked together in groups of five to produce a salad for the teacher to rate out of ten my group go 10 out of 10.I really enjoyed making them as we had a free choice and could use whatever food we wanted.We tried experimenting flavors together and worked out want went with each other.

    We had a great day

  49. I liked making the salads by myself for my family, because I had a bigger choice of what I could have for ingredients for my salad. I liked the cheese and bit of ham I put in for protein and I liked experimenting with food and trusting myself to get the right amount of cheese and pasta in. The tidying up was quite hard but we did it in the end and I ate some food I have never ate before some that I liked some that I didn’t but It was a good and fun experience.

  50. This was possibly the best day in year six as we had loads of fun but it was also extremely educational. I especially enjoyed making my personal salad for my mam (who loved it) because i got to work individually as i don’t do any cooking at home. Thanks to my group i also learned how to use a grater and a peeler correctly and efficiently, the free choice aspect was also very important because that is what made our salads unique whereas if we where instructed on what to do our salads would be the same. This was a very dangerous activity and required a lot of trust from Miss Fenwick and Miss Carrahar as there where knifes, graters, peelers and blenders which are all extremely dangerous as of their sharp properties. I also tried some new foods I normally wouldn’t such as black rice, tomatoes, cucumbers and iceberg lettuce. This was a great day and future year sixes should definitely look forward to it.

  51. This was so fun to do and also we learned more things about cooking. Most combinations of food I thought weren’t going to work but they tasted really good together,like the pomegranate and carrots but you couldn’t really taste the carrots because I think the dressing had more taste and all they did was add more crunch to the salad. We had to be careful with the utensils because there was sharp knives that could cut us. Miss Carrahar made all of this happen because she was the one that bought all the products for us.

  52. Yesterday was a great day I learned how to use a chipper for carrots and how to work as a team to make a healthy balanced meal and it was great fun because we got free range to use anything we wanted and three was a complication trying to get things that fit together and not make a funny taste. In the afternoon session we had free range again but to work on our own and make a salad to bring home for you and your parents. I enjoyed the part when you had to try some new things that you had not ever tried, some things were nice but some weren’t so nice but all round it was a great day! Thank you for helping us when we needed your help and for getting the food Miss Carrahar and Mrs Fenwick BRILLIANT DAY!!!!!

  53. In some of the salads we worked in groups to make them. In our group we made it and compared it to the drawing in our books to see if it looked the same and we got 10/10 Yay!!

  54. Miss Carrahar told us how to cut properly so we don’t cut ourselves.

  55. These salads look lovely.It was fun how we made these salads by ourselves and we got to use the blender for things like,carrots,cheese,cabbage and more.We didn’t have to make a big plan for this salad but we did need to write down whats in the salad so we don`t forget.

  56. Well done everybody! All of your salads looked truly amazing. If I were to eat them there would not be a single crumb left! By looking at these photos, I know that you all have put a lot of effort into making your salads as beautiful and as delicious as possible. When I was looking around the classroom yesterday, everybody had their heads down and they were really concentrating on the presentation and the flavour of their salads. When we were working in our teams of 5, everybody was working very hard together to make their salads perfect. Everyone was being very careful with the food processor, the knives and the graters. They were all holding their ingredients perfectly so that they wouldn’t hurt themselves, they were all keeping their fingers out of the way when they were using the processor.

  57. I hope yous had lodes of fun cooking in class because I like cooking to

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