Our theme this term is ?Places? so Reception class has been learning all about Africa and the jungle.

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We enjoyed being ?on safari? in our role play area.

  1. Mr Faircloth

    Well done reception class! It looks like you are enjoying your work!

  2. Rebecca Burrell

    I really love there work they have put some effort in it! I never knew that reception have done that well they are working very hard.

  3. Well done reception.Your R.E and jungle topic is the greatest one I have ever seen!

  4. awesome work reception hope you enjoyed it look so good so jealous

  5. Wojciech Ragun

    really good art reception class and reading those books wow!

  6. Wow , looks like reception have been working hard. Well done , keep it up !

  7. Lucy Tiernan

    well done reception you look like you had lots of fun learning about the jungle

  8. It looks so fun Reception, i wish i could do it with you.

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