1. Bob Greenwell

    Thank you so much, I’ve invited the 27,000+ members of the Save the DLI Museum page to have a look at your fantastic work.

  2. On behalf of the Save the DLI committee, I would like to thank you for such an amazing video. It’s truly humbling seeing how well you get the message across.

  3. kathleen lockie

    these children are the future of this country and a big thank you to them and also the men and women of the D L I who gave them there future bless them all

  4. This video is just brilliant – glad you all had a lovely time at the museum – and thank you for helping the campaign to save the museum – very much appreciated 🙂

  5. Richard Court

    Thank you year 6 from the bottom of my heart. This production is brilliant.
    From an ex soldier

  6. John speight

    Excellent work by all the pupils and staff , it’s great to see our children learning of the bravery and sacrifices made for children just like them

  7. Thanks for the above video, very well made. It is very important that we keep the memories of those that gave so much for our freedoms…… From a Ex DLI soldier

  8. This is amazing Y6! It’s fantastic to see you all care about the DLI museum and want to save it as we do in our group of 27000+. With your permission I’d like to share your video to help promote the campaign to save the DLI and hope Durham County Council realise their decision is wrong. Thanks again for creating this wonderful piece of work.

  9. Shaun Bailey

    Well done Year 6. A very powerful production. We are fighting to keep the DLI museum open for you and subsequent classes as well as for future generations.
    Save the DLI museum !!

  10. Great video Year 6 with people like you on our side I am sure we will achieve our goal.

  11. What a cracking video,g reat to see youngsters involved in the campaign.,deserves to be shown on local TV,
    Well done to you all.

  12. Pamela Thirlaway

    Thank you very much for putting your brilliant video of the DLI Museum out there. It will be a terrible shame it it closed. Children learn much more when they can see first hand the memories of the wars and battles the men fought in.

  13. Major Chris Bowen

    What a great little video, it does all the children a great credit that they want to save this museum. Well done all of you.


  14. It is gratifying to see this, Im an old soldier it brought tears to my eyes.thank you children and never forget the past because it moulds yours and my future, I Salute you all.

  15. Yvonne Creevy

    Thank you all year 6 for joining the cause and for splendid video you have made.

  16. Wow. What an amazing thing to do. Can i thank from the bottom of my heart.

  17. Michael Watson

    This is a fantastic video which expresses how you all feel about a wonderful place, and about the brave men/women who gave their lives so that we live in a peaceful country today, well done Year 6 & all staff involved!

  18. Sandra Armstrong

    Well Done to everyone involved in the making of this production..Could this video be sent to the any of the North East News for more publicity.. Thankyou

  19. Isobel English

    Great video. Good idea to use the museum by taking the children to see it. More schools should the same

  20. Lt Marc Stuart

    As a serving officer I am not supposed to get too involved in the campaign to save the museum. I believe, however, that it’s important to stand up for what you think is right, rather than what others tell you. Thanks very much to you, for putting the case forward in such an excellent way the people who made the decision cannot fail to reconsider.

  21. just a few words to express my gratitude at this amazing video to help us try to save this important part of our heritage. My grandfather and Uncle both served in the DLI, my grandfather was taken prisoner at Dunkirk, and served many years in a POW camp, STALAG IV, he went on to become a translator at the Nuremberg Trials, and lived into his nineties, he would be incensed at the councils decision, and the more people get behind this campaign the more the council need to sit up and listen, and this video may just make them do that. Many thanks again, and may I wish you all a very Happy Christmas, and a peaceful, happy and healthy New Year. Mrs Julie Hyam, Crook, Co Durham.

  22. Absolutely brilliant well done to all involved, it will mean alot to those who served and who are currently serving. A massive well done and its a shame the council cant see what these children can..That our soldiers cant be forgotten and our hertage shouldnt be taken away. Thank you year 6. Hugsxx

  23. Tracy Bushell

    This is an amazing tribute to our soldiers past & present well done all involved xx

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