23 June 2020
Dear Parents,
We hope you are all well and managing the challenges we are all facing, as families,
during this pandemic lockdown.

Google Classroom
Members of staff are working hard to maintain a stream of work to support you
during this period of Home Learning. This is the main platform for pupils and parents
to stay in touch with their teacher, and, in the vast majority of cases, this is working
very well. If there are any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact School.

Planning ahead …

It is only natural to ask about what is to happen in September 2020. The directive
from the Diocese is that all schools will be closed for the full summer holiday (seven
weeks this year). Schools will not be running catch-up sessions for any pupils over
the summer break. We are working on the assumption that we will be open to all
pupils (except new Reception Class) on Tuesday, 8 September 2020. This may be
subject to change if government restrictions on social distances are still in place in

Catch-up programmes
We are well aware that our children will have missed four months of “in-school”
education, so, initially, teaching in September will be based around the social and
emotional well-being of our children as they settle back into a daily school routine.
Teachers will also undertake initial assessments for each child to gauge their
individual needs in English and Mathematics. The School will then devise an in-
house catch-up programme for all children. This will involve small groups and/or
whole classes to be involved in intervention programmes to close the gaps in
understanding as soon as possible. The focus will be on English (phonics, reading,
writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling) and Mathematics (all concepts) to ensure
we close the key knowledge gaps as soon as possible.

Please do not worry about your child’s progress at this time – we are committed to
ensure that your child will embark on a catch-up programme to bridge the gaps in
knowledge which have naturally occurred during this lockdown period.

We fully appreciate your support with Home Learning and the challenges you will
have had as a family. Anything you are doing as a family will be a great help in the
long run and can only be beneficial. Please try and enjoy and make the most of this
extra time with your children. If you have particular concerns about your child(ren)
during this period, please don’t hesitate to call School and arrange telephone contact
with their teacher.

Buildings work
During the summer break urgent upgrades and maintenance will be undertaken to the
school building. The works are to commence in the first week of the school closure
and will be completed, in full, prior to opening in September.

Free School Meal Voucher Scheme
All families, currently in receipt of these vouchers, will continue to receive them
through the summer holidays.

Teachers2Parents (Text messaging service)
We have invested in a text messaging service to ensure important messages get to you
directly via your mobile phone. (This service doesn’t allow you to reply to the text).
Please ensure you keep school updated if you change your mobile phone number.

Yours Faithfully

Martin G Humble