1. I?m so proud of the team, they did an amazing job. Well done St. Grego?s Lego.

  2. William Hearn

    Well done Y6! Hope you win the comp at Bristol. Good job St Grego’s Lego (:

  3. It was brilliant to win the title once but two in a row!
    The reigning champions strike again.
    Well done to each and every one of the team and Mrs Thompson and Mr Baharie.
    More fund raising in the offing!

    Mr Smithson

  4. Miss Carrahar

    What a superb effort team! Such a tough competition which involves hours of preparation, practice and teamwork. We are lucky to have such clever and committed children and two fantastic coaches. Thank you to Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Bahari for the amazing job they have done. Hope you all have a fabulous time in Bristol-well deserved 🙂

  5. Lana Baines

    Well done Lego League Team! Good luck for the Bristol comp!

  6. Joshua Ames


  7. Gracie@school.com

    Well done Lego team i’m so proud of you you worked so hard go st grego’s Lego!!!!!

  8. Well done Lego Team very proud and well done for putting in so much effort. You have all worked very hard x

  9. Maisie Poulter

    Well done Year 6! You totally deserve it and you couldn’t have done better. Harry and Jess done a great job programming the robot whilst Imi is doing great designing all of the logos, Ethan and Kobe done a great job too!!

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