Year One visit to Seven Stories

I enjoyed dressing up as Fairytale characters at seven stories. (Emily Po)

David liked singing the story of the Gruffalo using the grass to hide the characters.

I liked meeting and cuddling the big Gruffalo. We found out that he was the only big Gruffalo ever to be made in the whole world! (Emily S)

We made a swamp with a monster inside and we were all a part of the monster. It was scary as we all squashed together! (Lily and Max)

I wore a silly blue wig ? I enjoyed wearing it! (Bradley)

Year One all went to a pretend ball as Fairytale characters. We then created a letter to send to the Fairy Godmother to thank her for inviting us. (Ross)

The next day we created our own monster and Gruffalo story. We called our class monster ? Reeks! (Adam and Max)


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  1. Hoped you had fun! I remember going and my favourite floor was the 7 floor because you got to dess up and do plays!! Hope you had a blast!!xx

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