In year four we have been learning about Folktales from different countries around the world. We have read How the tiger got his stripes, The disobedient son, The rabbit and the coyote, the girl in the forest, and the Oohla and the Galah. All of these stories have a moral behind them. Most of them tell us that we need to be kind and polite.

In science we have learning about sound. We have listened to everyday sounds and tried to recognise them. We have also explored the different parts of our ears. Now we know that when we spin round we get dizzy because the liquid in our ears vibrates.


In art we have been exploring Andy Warhol and his famous artwork. He is most famous for his painting of Campbells soup and Marilyn Monroe. We learned that Marilyn was a very sad person even though she was incredibly rich and beautiful. We have

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