This week in Y6, we have been watching War Horse and a Lloyds bank advert that has helped us to write a 3-7 page story along with our knowledge of WW1. We also began to write up a diary entry of the 1914 Christmas Truce, where the British and Germans came together to celebrate Christmas with happiness. Then to finish off the week, on Friday we cooked crispy based gallets and Mediterranean Italian Bolognese. We really enjoyed cooking and learnt some valuable things along the way. Also, our Lego team, St Grego?s Lego, are soon heading off to Bristol to compete in the National Competition. Let?s wish them luck!
Hope you have a great week! Amy and Jessica.

  1. Miss Carrahar

    Good luck in the Lego competition everyone. We are all proud of you for getting this far!
    Have a fabulous time in Bristol.

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