1. So proud of my class today….amazing children- so talented and such kind, caring and courteous members of our school and community. You brought so much happiness into the lives of some of the elderly in our community today. Well done.

  2. Lewis Anderson

    It was very emotional at the end when we left I can’t wait for when we go again in Easter

  3. Mr Smithson

    You were part of something special today children – the true spirit of Christmas. You gave two wonderful performances that brought so much enjoyment to all of the residents but on top of that your ability to chat and listen with so much patience and understanding was fantastic. Some of the residents are absolute founts of wisdom – they can tell you all sorts about South Shields and even St Gregory’s from the day it was built! We need to see if we can get some interviews arranged to tie in with our local history work and WW2 studies in Y6.
    Very well done as Miss Carrahar said, we are all really proud of you.

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